Category: Updates

  • Three new stores added to Booko

    In Australia, we welcome two new stores, The Wandering Bookseller & The Little Lost Bookshop. In the UK store, we now include Enjoy!

  • New Features

    Lists are a great way of organising your books on Booko, but sometimes it’s hard to remember if you’ve already added a book to a list. Now, when you’re looking at a book and you’re wondering if it’s already on a list, click the “Add to a list” button and you’ll find your answer. New…

  • Yahoo! EOLs OpenID 2, migrates to OpenID Connect

    Early in July, I got some bug report emails about Booko’s login via Yahoo! no longer working. A quick investigation confirmed it. Unfortunately, I missed that announcement and so migrating to Yahoo’s OIDC (OpenID Connect) was at the top of my todo list. OIDC is an identity service which runs on top of OAuth 2.0.…

  • Web Server Updates

    A perfectly miserable rainy day of stage 3 lock downs here in 3055. Perfect time for some boring updates. Ubuntu from 16.0.4 -> 18.0.4 via do-release-upgrade Nginx 1.16.1 -> 1.18.0 Passenger from 6.0.4 -> 6.0.5 Ruby required recompilation due to shared library updates. Passenger upgrade fixed a compilation error when building Nginx 1.18.0. Next time…

  • Rails updated from ->