Booko is a popular price comparison site for Books, DVDs, Lego & Pop Vinyls.


Built with Ruby on Rails and styled with TailwindCSS. It’s hosted on Linode with Nginx, PostgreSQL and Redis. DNSimple are all over the DNS. Tailscale provides the private network for the Booko servers. The covers for the books are hosted on Wasabi, with some Nginx reverse proxies providing some regional caching. The image hosting, uploading, downloading and resizing handled with another Ruby on Rails system which I call ‘Coverrs’. The extra R is for Ruby. The LQIP are generated with Primitive.lol ( it creates SVGs from images using geometric shapes! ) and LibVIPs does the resizing and the link preview images.


Me, Dan Milne, builds and runs it, with some help on the email answering and some help on the socials from Marie. Blog posts are by Marie and Karen.