Author: dkam

  • Bug fix the Logouts

    Slight bug caused back during the updates for Authentication – the actual logout menu item now works! :facepalm:

  • Sort your Alerts

    This post was created on the Booko blog.

  • New Authentication setup

    Inspired by this repository and it’s associated blog post, I’ve refreshed the way Booko handles login / logout and sessions. Each time you login, you now have a new session created. You’ll now find a nice table of every login and you can now log out other sessions – or all other sessions. Checkout the […]

  • Booko V3, the refresh

    Booko’s last big visual refresh was way back in 2014-ish. Some of the code used to generate that look has been slowly approaching end of life, and nothing motivates me like the impending doom of actual end of life. CSS and Javascript have come a long way in the years since that refresh and one […]

  • Setting Thin up behind Nginx & with Lets Encrypt certificates

    Part of Booko’s infrastructure includes a Sinatra application served by Thin. This application takes CSV / XML / JSONL files containing product pricing data, loads it into PostgreSQL and presents it via an API. Thin is perfectly capable of being internet facing, but I have a preference for reverse proxying it behind Nginx. There are […]

  • Update: Webpacker v5, -= Coffeescript

    Today I’ve updated webpacker to v5 and have started to remove Coffeescript. To remove Coffeescript, remove it from your Gemfile, then find app -iname ‘*.coffee’ and convert each file back into Javascript. You can plonk the coffeescript into the Try CoffeeScript web app. Once you’ve done and are moving the changes to production, it’s important […]

  • Updated Rails to 6.1 and StimulusJS 2.0 🎉

  • Updated Rails to and Ruby to 2.7.2 🎉

  • Note To Past Self: Use Certbot

    Free, ubiquitous SSL certificates as provided by Let’s Encrypt have helped make the Internet a safer place by ensuring your personal details, passwords, internet searches and even which URL on any site you visit are un-snoopable. Booko’s used SSL for most of its time on the Internet. In the bad old days, it was a […]

  • Three new stores added to Booko

    In Australia, we welcome two new stores, The Wandering Bookseller & The Little Lost Bookshop. In the UK store, we now include Enjoy!