Booko now has Notifications

You may have noticed a new menu icon on Booko recently:

You have Alerts!

Booko will now show you notifications on the website. The alert icon changes to Booko orange when a notification is ready for you. 

What kind of Notifications are shown?

Alerts: The first notification type we introduced was for Alerts. So not only do you get an email when your alert is triggered, you can now see a nice clean summary of all triggered alerts under the notification menu.

Updates to Followed Lists : Do you follow any lists? If you are following lists you’ll now receive a notification when the list is updated. No need to randomly check your followed lists any more.

List suggestions: When a suggestion you have made for a list is accepted or rejected, or a list you create receives a suggestion, you’ll get a notification so you can keep on top of the changes.

You can find the Notifications under your Profile -> Notifications or via clicking on the notifications menu in the tool bar.

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